My Background

From the ZX-Spectrum to present day, I have had constantly experience with computers, my history takes me from the ZX-Spectrum, Apple IIe, BBC Micro, Atari 800 XL, Commodore 64 and friends; Onwards -Via the Amstrad PC 1640 (Among the projects with That machine was a custom interface card, a 16 channel scanning type security alarm called watchdog, and a sequencer for an electronic synthesiser that did not have a MIDI interface). At this
stage in my life, I was already a very adept and advanced system designer (working freelance for individuals). I progressed onwards to the realms of the 286, 386, 486 and PENTIUM machines -from the construction from the ground up, including customization at component level of said hardware and the custom design of any
hardware that was required by either myself personally or the customer.These are qualities that I still have today – thanks especially to my experiences with surface mount technology as well as my years of experience in all aspects of electronic and electrical from micro-electronics to marine and industrial. The total design, re-wire and/or repair of electrical systems on motorbikes, cars, caravans, boats, houses, hotels, cafés, restaurants -to name a few Are all part of my life’s working history to date. With the software side of things, my journey took me from DOS 3.1 > 6.22, also becoming extremely adept at 6502, Z80 and 8080 Machine Code, GW-BASIC and Borland Pascal to
Windows 3.11 -I am also a veteran and survivor of Windows 95 June test release. As the years rolled by I was able to make myself useful with any Win 95,98,ME and XP machines that would appear before me in the workplace. The present day has me fully conversant with Win XP, Windows 7, Linux; UBUNTU, ZORIN,MINT, FEDORA to name but a handful of today’s state-of-the-art with operating systems -my personal outfit at the time if writing is a Semi-Virtualized Mac-Win-Lin Hybrid Micronet… -I am current with most of today’s software (office stuff like word-processing, spreadsheets etc are like holiday times to me) -my specialties include works with today’s (ReWire) Digital Audio Workstation apps and I can create theme tunes even ring-tones. Inter-platform project migration, file type conversion are all services that I currently have to offer. Besides all of these, it goes
without saying that I can produce custom units by the container-load!!!.

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