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For my whole life, I have kept electronics and then computers as a hobby. When I was 17, I was going through tough times financially and as a result my computer at that time was a Z-80 handbook, a block of A-4 and PLENTY of IMAGINATION! The machine that I DREAMED of having One day was going to have a ‘big’ 16 MEGABYTES of RAM!!! – Slowly slowly, I passed my time and gained a greater and greater understanding of digital electronics and became sufficiently adept at freelance design to build a testbed computer from scratch; – It was a Z-80 based rig which I talked to using a more modern 486 based machine which had a specialist interface card inside which I also had designed, one way and another I became a Master Craftsman with Tripad/ Veroboard and thousands of tiny little wires. As the years progressed further, I became VERY adept at surface mount soldering of PCB’s in various panel shops where I worked, I also grew slowly slowly more and more aware of the fact that MANY of my ideas and concepts were going OBSOLETE!!! – These ideas included the concept of constructing a Master Tone Generator (for an electric organ that I was to make from MARBLE!) various pieces of hardware that I planned to use for audio effects such as digitally controlled filters, attenuators etc etc, ALL of which would be rendered OBSOLETE by the arrival of REASON by, a state-of-the-art DAW application that runs on today’s state-of-the-art in COMPUTERS. So, as the years passed by further, I kept up to speed with the state of the technology and as a result have a VERY Rich background – Not only in Computers and Electronics but all the ‘Wood/ Metal/ Paint/ Construct’ types of ‘Odd Jobs’ that can be found in the rest of the worlds industry; Hence my claim to be able to build offices, trader floors, server rooms Literally from the Ground UP!!!

Another recently acquired strength is my now proven ability to upgrade the IOS (running system) on a CISCO Catalyst 3560 Multi-Layer network switch/router, the whole procedure was carried out very methodically with a detailed study of everything that had to be done, for years it has been my policy to work this way with any kind of digital/electronic equipment and (in my opinion) is the only way to work! It may well be that when working with people that a certain element of ‘try it and see’ can be utilized – but, with electronic equipment from a CDI ignition on a small motorcycle to a component from a component of a computer mainframe, I have (in my past) made mistakes and as a result FAILURE(S), all because I (as a youth) thought that I knew it all! Basically, many of my strengths of today are directly thanks to all the mistakes that I made in my past; – Had I attempted to carry out the IOS upgrade on my equipment, while being as ‘bull headed’ as in my youth then I would now have nothing more than several pounds of scrap to add to the considerable amount that I have already generated in my life!!!

Only a Truly SCIENTIFIC APPROACH will yield SUCCESS with today’s ELECTRONICS and COMPUTER World!!!

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