anthony-victor-booth-intranet-001/Includes GARDENING resume;



 Just some college stuff…




During my life’s work to date, I have become very adept at woodwork, metalwork, property repair and development -including gardening. I have worked as a general groundsman for many individuals. I have had experience with block paving, tarmac, concrete, ceramic tiles and am personally very adept at any of these. As I am studying various aspects of the I.T world at the moment -as for the gardening side of things, I am simply an operative with all his own equipment who swiftly achieves results.

Paths and Driveways
Flower boxes
Garden Furniture
Outdoor Lighting (marine spec)
Garden Ponds +pumps +underwater lighting


Everything from footpaths, driveways to fences, gates -flower planters and (fitted) seating, tables -All are articles that I can quickly make become a reality. At the time of writing, I am looking at the possibilities for any kind of corporate ventures, my existing experience in market trading would give me a definite advantage in these times.

FINANCIAL STUFF;currently having some adventures / accidents with some scripts, codes and assorted bits of shite on my hdd……..

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