Detailing MY PERSONAL LOGO and It’s journey from yesterday to tomorrowwhat our Fathers and their Fathers used to stand on their FEET and Cut from STEEL, – We sit at Computers and just click with the mouse – and then THINK that we have done some WORK!!!


This is my Family/Company logo; – it was devised by my Father;

(Alan Victor Booth) –I am able to use the Same logo as my name is

Anthony Victor Booth;

This is just a rough idea of the design that can be found stamped/milled onto press tools, special purpose machines and tools/jigs at certain engineering workshops across the world!!! what our Fathers and their Fathers used to stand on their feet at the steel milling machines and cut into steel, WE can now sit on our BUTTS in front of COMPUTERS and just Click it together with the Mouse! – and SOME of us think that what we have to do in These times is WORK!!! – Most people of THESE times simply do NOT KNOW that they are BORN!!!


I created this logo in the summer of 2012 while attending I.T workshops at Astral Training GLOSSOP; the government training programs and opportunities at that time were a dream come TRUE!!! (for me) – I had So MUCH skills and expertise with ITC stuff, yet NOT even the equivalent to a CLAIT certificate!!! …so, while others were getting their benefits sanctioned because they could Not be BOTHERED to spend a few hours at the ‘office’ – I mean, it was NOT even WORK!!! (and I ended up with some LOVELY little pieces of paper with ‘EDEXCEL’ and ‘BTEC’ -oh, and those little silver holograms).

             – SUCCESS is the BEST DRUG!!!


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