A Reflection on MODULE LEARNING;

by Anthony.V.Booth

This article is probably even more than what the title suggests – so, please …Read On!!!

I remember, during my years as a schoolboy, having just those little red exercise books and most lessons were simply blackboard after blackboard of ‘copying up’ –one of those little red exercise books was our designated ‘rough book’ although mine served as a ‘general purpose all-rounder’ containing my maths, English, French, chemistry and general scribblings all rolled into one!!! – including all of my homework ‘to-do’ lists!!! I can only look back at those times and wonder how it would have been – had we had computers like today as well as the miracle that has evolved from good old Arpanet!!!


In these times, we have got technological triumphs such as drop-box, Google drive, skydrive and Ubuntu one – to name but a few!!! all of this fits beautifully with such super-concepts as module learning which in itself is one component which is needed to achieve the level of efficiency that is needed to make the level of headway that we can and are making in these times! …had the course that I am doing now relied solely on old fashioned hand-written works then I would be writing this after a Decade or TWO in attendance at The Manchester College!!!

I already Do have an (old fashioned) filing cabinet which is mainly a place for me to store all of my old fashioned paper clutter in some place other than the floor, kitchen drawer, airing cupboard, mantle piece; – I now have several large folders containing master copies of submitted works and general favorites; however, all of my modules that I have ever done (since 2012) are backed up onto the cloud with more than one way!!!

The BEST FACT about MODULE LEARNING is that (as a technique) it is simply MADE for THESE TIMES!!! there have been many occasions (over these past years/months) where my internal file-searching has retrieved files from OLD MODULES from OLD COURSES and HELPED ME + MORE than you can IMAGINE!!!

ALSO; This post runs along similar theme to;

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