A brief summary of myself;

Much of my life has been with computers and technology – also electronics; I am also EXTREMELY Handy with Drills, Grinders – and making Iron Steel and LUMBER the desired shape…
CSE x 5 [Tavistock 1984]
Edexcel BTEC Level 1 Award in BUSINESS ADMIN [Astral Training – GLOSSOP 2012]
( The SAME ) ……………………IT USERS (ITQ) (QCF) [Astral Training – GLOSSOP 2012]
CCNA Discovery: Networking for Home and Small Businesses [TMC Openshaw 2013]
City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma in ICT Professional Competence [TMC Openshaw 2013]
MTA (98-365) Windows Server Administration Fundamentals [TMC Openshaw 2013]
MTA (98-367) Security Fundamentals [TMC Openshaw 2013]
MTA (98-366) Networking Fundamentals [TMC Openshaw 2013]
Currently a Year One FOUNDATION DEGREE Student at The Manchester College (OCP)…



This is my personal Blog and WEBSITE; – it contains a growing collection of my ENTIRE Course of Life and is my online CV…

– Academically, I am a Level 4 I.T Rookie (FD Network Management Y1) …besides being very capable manually;
I am a Superior Grade International Crew Member with ALL his OWN TOOLS who SWIFTLY achieves results;




From landscape design to system design – a truly universal worker who’s HOBBY is neutralizing problems…


Online retail and the High St.

Module Learning - A Reflection, by Anthony.V.booth

The I.T.World and Music Production - some notes and ideas...


Detailing a Journey - from Yesterday to Tomorrow...

All about my personal LOGO;

Just some college stuff…


[SKALA CAM - OLD TOWN – CRETE] – Yo DUDE!!! – DO YOU KNOW THIS TUNE??? – (see contact form below vvv)

Hello World!!! – Welcome to my personal blog-site; I have been reading all of your comments and feedback – THANKYOU for Making it ALL Worth the Effort!!!  …After YEARS of being Blocked, Deleted, Ignored and Ridiculed Generally on facebook it Really IS a BREATH OF FRESH AIR for me – I still have pages on facebook; one of them is called Trans Europe Music Group; maybe we will see us there and YOU (my new friends) will be part of my NEW ERA with facebook – I am still not so quick to add people yet (YOU can add ME and I WILL accept!) …I had TOO MANY problems with facebook team taking sides with all the assholes out there who I ever knew! …people who I once identified as friends, who once sat at my table – eating my food, drinking my beer and wine, smoking my cigarettes – even people who I worked for; SO MANY of them turned out to prove themselves to be anything BUT friends, by ‘SPAMMING me OFF’ over there on facebook…



IOS Upgrade on a Catalyst 3560

Teach yourself tcp/ip in 24 hours: DISCOVER for All Library Resources


Active Directory - My Notes;

My Background

CISCO Network Switches


Detailing ‘Business in Context’ – a model by Needle (1995)

In accordance with this model, businesses can be divided into several concentric rings (with the main activity level in the middle) each of these rings can perhaps be likened to the various corporate network levels of a company.

The activity level will be the inside of the company where company secrets about product design, components and/or specific materials + services employed by the company will be kept; this would likely be the company INTRANET.


The next levels are marketing and strategic with the market level being closer to the inside of the company (more to do with what the company produces + sales of said than what products used and purchase of those) – likely these levels would be connected to the company’s EXTRANET in any working scenario’s; being connected to the outside world and the heart of the company. The outermost layer of any company is the environmental level and relates primarily to how the company fits in as a neighbour within the community, a company that habitually creates a lot of dust and noise is less likely to be welcome in a residential or banking area. The ENVIRONMENTAL LEVEL of ANY company is its official face to the world and can be similar to the WORLD WIDE WEB layer of our network model …tidy corporate web scripts, while relating more also on the strategic and marketing levels, are (just like the companies public areas) like the face of the company – a simple thing like a shoddily put together company website can be just as off putting to the customer as a blocked yet UN-repaired toilet! The environmental level of a company is the way a plastics factory handles its waste, a discotheque contains its noise, a car body repair shop contains its pollution (polyester dust + fumes). In the discotheque, we can pass through the marketing and strategic levels and see agendas such as what food and / or beverages to sell + for what prices. Migrating through market level towards activity level, we pass through sales & marketing + public relations etc; Activity level within most companies is where all the skilled work takes place, from changing the beer barrels at the bar to working as a DJ (the discotheque); re-building peoples cars (Car Body shop).


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