IOS Upgrade on a Cisco 3560

I just upgraded the IOS on my Catalyst 3560 switch/ router – I finally assembled my ‘proposed’ command line together and then copied and pasted it over to the switch (via telnet) – the switch then loaded the new IOS while ERASING the OLD one (sweat sweat) – finally typing ‘reload’, counting to ten and hitting ‘ENTER’ resulted in a VERY long few minutes that DEMANDED a STRONG DRINK!!! …Several minutes later, I am sure that they could hear me at GOOGLE HQ in California – screaming ‘YESSSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssss!’ as my pride and joy cam back to life (alas, as yet, no CMS) …but with a LOAD more features at the Command Line which look VERY INTERESTING INDEED!!!



Does this look Scary? – STOP READING HERE!!! – if you Like what you see then READ ON!!!

archive download-sw /overwrite /reload tftp://

Was where I got the command:

 archive download-sw /overwrite /reload tftp://’ from…

ULTIMATELY had to be loaded from a tftp server which one fired up on a desktop with a


c3560-ipbaselmk9-tar.122-55.SE8.tar‘ image handy;






TO YOUR Catalyst 3560;



CISCO-CMS-Catalyst_3560-AVB1, I am starting to see a LOT of text like This;
IPv6PrefixPrimer -Here is some bumf about IPv6;
          ... (to be going on with for the moment!)




The Networking Corner

When I finished with the Cisco Networking Academy, I learned that upgrading an IOS was as simple as copying the new IOS .bin file to the flash drive of the device you are upgrading. At my first job working with actual Cisco devices, I was tasked with upgrading a 3560. The problem was that the IOS downloaded from Cisco was a .tar–not .bin like I had seen before. This is when I learned that there are two main methods to upgrading your IOS devices.

When you download an IOS from Cisco, some version include extra files in the package such as an SDM interface. Instead of packaging everything individually, Cisco creates a tar file with all the files. Alternatively, if you don’t need all the extras, Cisco can provide a single .bin as well or you can extract the .bin from inside the .tar.

If you decide to use the…

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by Anthony.V.Booth; WEB:


….STRENGTHS-AVB-[03-01-2012]-V3 -Download;

For my whole life, I have kept electronics and then computers as a hobby. When I was 17, I was going through tough times financially and as a result my computer at that time was a Z-80 handbook, a block of A-4 and PLENTY of IMAGINATION! The machine that I DREAMED of having One day was going to have a ‘big’ 16 MEGABYTES of RAM!!! – Slowly slowly, I passed my time and gained a greater and greater understanding of digital electronics and became sufficiently adept at freelance design to build a testbed computer from scratch; – It was a Z-80 based rig which I talked to using a more modern 486 based machine which had a specialist interface card inside which I also had designed, one way and another I became a Master Craftsman with Tripad/ Veroboard and thousands of tiny little wires. As the years progressed further, I became VERY adept at surface mount soldering of PCB’s in various panel shops where I worked, I also grew slowly slowly more and more aware of the fact that MANY of my ideas and concepts were going OBSOLETE!!! – These ideas included the concept of constructing a Master Tone Generator (for an electric organ that I was to make from MARBLE!) various pieces of hardware that I planned to use for audio effects such as digitally controlled filters, attenuators etc etc, ALL of which would be rendered OBSOLETE by the arrival of REASON by, a state-of-the-art DAW application that runs on today’s state-of-the-art in COMPUTERS. So, as the years passed by further, I kept up to speed with the state of the technology and as a result have a VERY Rich background – Not only in Computers and Electronics but all the ‘Wood/ Metal/ Paint/ Construct’ types of ‘Odd Jobs’ that can be found in the rest of the worlds industry; Hence my claim to be able to build offices, trader floors, server rooms Literally from the Ground UP!!!

Another recently acquired strength is my now proven ability to upgrade the IOS (running system) on a CISCO Catalyst 3560 Multi-Layer network switch/router, the whole procedure was carried out very methodically with a detailed study of everything that had to be done, for years it has been my policy to work this way with any kind of digital/electronic equipment and (in my opinion) is the only way to work! It may well be that when working with people that a certain element of ‘try it and see’ can be utilized – but, with electronic equipment from a CDI ignition on a small motorcycle to a component from a component of a computer mainframe, I have (in my past) made mistakes and as a result FAILURE(S), all because I (as a youth) thought that I knew it all! Basically, many of my strengths of today are directly thanks to all the mistakes that I made in my past; – Had I attempted to carry out the IOS upgrade on my equipment, while being as ‘bull headed’ as in my youth then I would now have nothing more than several pounds of scrap to add to the considerable amount that I have already generated in my life!!!

Only a Truly SCIENTIFIC APPROACH will yield SUCCESS with today’s ELECTRONICS and COMPUTER World!!!

Active Directory notes…

A COMPANY VIEW; by Anthony.Victor.Booth 2013


Being an all-round Technocrat and FAN of Active Directory, I am MORE than HAPPY to USE it!!!

HOWEVER; it is, as a result of providing so many features, bells and whistles – VERY C.P.U and Resource hungry!!!

From my own personal experiences, AND by chatting with people in various government facilities (including the local library, hospital etc) – we have ALL observed that logging on to a system that has been put under the control of Active Directory using a Domain Controller makes logging on a LOT SLOWER!!!

My personal recommendation for anybody who uses Active Directory COMMERCIALLY should Seriously consider UPGRADING their Network Infrastructure (that their Domain Controllers operate across) to at LEAST a 1.0Gbps Ethernet or Fiber connection.

My Background

From the ZX-Spectrum to present day, I have had constantly experience with computers, my history takes me from the ZX-Spectrum, Apple IIe, BBC Micro, Atari 800 XL, Commodore 64 and friends; Onwards -Via the Amstrad PC 1640 (Among the projects with That machine was a custom interface card, a 16 channel scanning type security alarm called watchdog, and a sequencer for an electronic synthesiser that did not have a MIDI interface). At this
stage in my life, I was already a very adept and advanced system designer (working freelance for individuals). I progressed onwards to the realms of the 286, 386, 486 and PENTIUM machines -from the construction from the ground up, including customization at component level of said hardware and the custom design of any
hardware that was required by either myself personally or the customer.These are qualities that I still have today – thanks especially to my experiences with surface mount technology as well as my years of experience in all aspects of electronic and electrical from micro-electronics to marine and industrial. The total design, re-wire and/or repair of electrical systems on motorbikes, cars, caravans, boats, houses, hotels, cafés, restaurants -to name a few Are all part of my life’s working history to date. With the software side of things, my journey took me from DOS 3.1 > 6.22, also becoming extremely adept at 6502, Z80 and 8080 Machine Code, GW-BASIC and Borland Pascal to
Windows 3.11 -I am also a veteran and survivor of Windows 95 June test release. As the years rolled by I was able to make myself useful with any Win 95,98,ME and XP machines that would appear before me in the workplace. The present day has me fully conversant with Win XP, Windows 7, Linux; UBUNTU, ZORIN,MINT, FEDORA to name but a handful of today’s state-of-the-art with operating systems -my personal outfit at the time if writing is a Semi-Virtualized Mac-Win-Lin Hybrid Micronet… -I am current with most of today’s software (office stuff like word-processing, spreadsheets etc are like holiday times to me) -my specialties include works with today’s (ReWire) Digital Audio Workstation apps and I can create theme tunes even ring-tones. Inter-platform project migration, file type conversion are all services that I currently have to offer. Besides all of these, it goes
without saying that I can produce custom units by the container-load!!!.

CISCO Network Switches

CISCO Network Switches

It was when I acquired one of these and RE BUILT my Personal LAN into something NEW!;

It was by Hand in Hand attending The Manchester College at OPENSHAW campus and learning all about Sub-Netting that I have not only now got my City & Guilds Level 3 ITC but some MTA tickets from Microsoft and a Discovery ticket from CISCO;

My personal network is now a Semi-Virtualized Mac-Win-Lin Hybrid Micro (Mini) Net…

I am a devout CONNOISSEUR of ALL operating systems and devising effective methods for them to Communicate and INTERACT;

…Imagine how it will be when the WHOLE WORLD is FINALLY CONNECTED

– not only to each other, but Maybe the Answer to LIFE??? (Google ROCKS!!!)

See contact form (below)









This article is a story about our world and us, about the huge distance that human kind has travelled in just 100 years, the way(s) that we have progressed both forward and backward in that time.

When I was young, my hobby was electronics and I used to even use my school dinner money as collateral for my various wheelings and dealings with these things, I used to hold single transistors in my fingers and could somehow ‘feel’ that this was a Big Thing! (little did any of us know just how big).


As the years went by, I discovered integrated circuit chips and became equally addicted to antics with these. Among the projects that I completed were a wind speed analyser, computer controlled alarm system and a custom job to adapt an old VCR into a security cam recorder – the security cam system was still working after fifteen years (after my last conversation with Nigel House, 6 Dalby sq, Cliftonville) we know now that the system is now obsolete.


For all of my life, I have been a fan of electronic music, synths, drum machines and sequencers; as a schoolboy, I remember starting to build a synthesiser using an old school desklid. It was as recently as the turn of the millenium that I still had the ‘ambition’ to build a master tone generator (H & D, 1974) and install it inside a marble keyboard!!! …also, the idea to create audio filters using real components; and then, I discovered the ReWire group of software suites.


Going back to my youth, I used to make things for the garden (using old wood from around) my friends and I used to take market stalls from Glossop to Prestatyn and sell our products, I found that I was good at and enjoyed market trading (back there in the ‘old world’). Slowly slowly, as time has passed, much of the ‘first world’ has changed beyond all recognition – more people than ever are buying and selling online, but I (as an ‘old skool’ head) can still appreciate the values of real shops that sell real CD’s, Vinyls even tapes!!!


I am, at the time of writing, convinced that I will always understand the concept of a real shop with real customers coming and going – but will never see an online store as a replacement for all this, however – an online store could always serve as an extension to any real outfit but not neccesarily the other way around. I think that any kind of web based entity is ‘dead in the water’ without some kind of ‘drive’ from the real world and some good Old Fashioned business admin.

This kind of business admin would be in the shape of promotional flyers, leaflets, letters – even posters and/or banners.


Personally, I have had now some five years of experience with social media and found it (to-date) nigh on impossible to communicate with old friends with whom I had seemingly re-connected with; – as a result, it is my rock solid oppinion that I should have actually gone and made contact in person! The only trouble with that approach is that I would still be travelling NOW between all the various places! Is it perhaps fair to say that all this virtual ways of connecting everything together will likely yield quantity rather than the quality that any Real Life equivalents have to offer!










During the past years, I created some amateur renditions (“PENNINESHIRE_CENTRAL’s stream on SoundCloud – Hear the world’s sounds,” n.d.) using some of today’s state-of the-art in Digital Audio Workstation applications including Ableton (“Music production with Live 9 and Push | Ableton,” n.d.) . Reason, Cakewalk, Steinberg were among my other favourites.



For quite some time, my cyber acoustic tantrums have simply been sat there (webside) as well as on my hdds and backup DVD’s. – I am thinking that when I finally become a good enough network manager to sufficiently organise myself that I might eventually come up with a product. Adjusting to the new school technologies is the primary key to becoming a piece of the action in any aspect of the I.T world.



The idea that the ordinary CD is now semi-obsolete is a stunning fact that all of humankind is slowly realising. More and more people are using phones and tablets to listen to music; portable devices these days can hold anything from a shoe box full to a suit case full of media CD’s AND DVD’s!!! slowly slowly, people are waking up to what they are holding in their hand!!!





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